Why Self-Care Isn’t Bullshit.

I've done a lot of things in the name of self-care; Worn positively minuscule dresses paired with sky-high heels to go out dancing. Consumed absurd amounts of tequila/vodka/rum/wine/all the alcoholic beverages. Read an alarming amount of trashy articles on 'How To Orgasm' in Cosmo magazine. Watched Bridget Jones a frankly questionable number of times. But … Continue reading Why Self-Care Isn’t Bullshit.

When You Know Tomorrow is Going to Suck.

It's 2am and I am exhausted.  Weary down to the bone, eyes bleary, limbs heavy, brain functioning at half-capacity. Tomorrow is going to suck. It's been building up all month - a month full of long hours for which I'm not receiving any financial compensation nor any gratitude.  A month full of solving ridiculous problems … Continue reading When You Know Tomorrow is Going to Suck.

2017 – The Year of The Resolutions and Epiphanies.

A few minutes ago I came to a magical realization: This year, for the first time in my soon-to-be 26 years on this planet, I completed all my New Years resolutions ( I know, right?!).  I moved to the UK, hiked across a country, started a blog, have the beginnings of a book saved away … Continue reading 2017 – The Year of The Resolutions and Epiphanies.

Mad Girl With a Reason To Stay Alive.

Have you ever sat down to read the first pages of a book only to find yourself crawling out of a black hole of space and time 5 hours later, book read from start to finish? You see, I have this (somewhat terrible but hey, there are worst vices in life) habit of bankrupting myself … Continue reading Mad Girl With a Reason To Stay Alive.

Anxiety in Real-Time Take 3.

I can hear the ocean. But wait that's not right. I'm in Belfast, on a couch, miles from the coast yet the sound of the waves crashing on the shore between my ears is starting to drive me slowly yet surely mad as logically I know that I SHOULD NOT be hearing the ocean. Oh … Continue reading Anxiety in Real-Time Take 3.

The Next Big Thing.

My time here in Belfast has thus far been a vacation of sorts.  While not the most positive experience for my mental health, it has left me with an abundant (and seemingly never-ending) amount of spare time to think.  After 3 weeks of intense thinking I have finally decided on my Next Big Adventure.  So … Continue reading The Next Big Thing.


Now that I'm off the trail and still unemployed I find myself with an influx of spare time to write. So here's a post that's a bit delayed but I think still relevant. I, like most of my friends, posted about #MeToo. In my post, I focused on how being sexually assaulted changed me, the … Continue reading #MeToo

Day 46: The End.

As those of you with dodgy minds know, the most frustrating part of having a dodgy mind is how unreliable they can be. And so my darlings, a week and a half late, I present to you (finally): The Post From The Finish Line. Hitting the North Coast of Northern Ireland was a "Love at … Continue reading Day 46: The End.

Anxiety and Other Reasons I’m Not A Track-Star.

When I was 14 my anxiety told me to break my big toe. You see, I had a provincial track meet that weekend and my coach had signed me up to run the 200m. While I loved the 60/100m, I loathed the 200. I wasn't good at it - I never placed or qualified and … Continue reading Anxiety and Other Reasons I’m Not A Track-Star.

A Sunday Spent in Bed.

Guilt is my go-to feeling on days like today. Guilt for disappointing others Guilt for being weak enough to let my dodgy mind stop me from completing simple tasks (washing my massive mane of hair for example). Guilt for feeling sad when others have it much worst. Guilt for allowing the inner demons to take … Continue reading A Sunday Spent in Bed.