One of those posts full of cheese (and not the tasty Swiss kind).


I’ve started stopping to smell the flowers.

For real.

flowers and a penis

Flowers and a Penis (as named and shouted out by a child) at Parc Des Bastions

Geneva is home to the most beautiful flower gardens I’ve ever seen.  I know that’s not saying much as I’ve yet to truly travel the world, but the flowers all over this city make my heart sing.  Everywhere you turn there’s a statue with a beautiful bed of flowers surrounding it, all bright and lovely, and I have decided to stop and smell each and every flower that I think may smell delightful.

***spoiler alert – most flowers smell the exact same***

Flowers have consistently been my go-to pick-me-up.  There’s just something about a bouquet of flowers (preferably tulips in a dark purple) that have the ability to change my entire outlook on life.


Being the single 20-something that I am, most of the flowers to grace my dwellings are of the cheap self-bought type, but if anything that just means that I can be sure they suit my taste. perfectly.

Now for the cheese.

This is part of a bigger picture, a grand scheme if you will.

There are 2 ways to go about life:

  1. You can sit and dwell in your every misfortune, successfully building a wall around yourself that will keep every bit of love and happiness out or,
  2. You can enjoy each moment for what it is.  Feel the lows, but when the highs come around – embrace them.  Open your eyes and enjoy the world all around you.  Let yourself be loved and cherished and stop to smell the flowers (I know, I know, its roses…but flowers fits my post better).

As someone who has occasionally been described as a “Daily Dose of Darkness” I know first hand that leading a life full of starry-eyed optimism is not easy.  It takes effort and dedication but I wholeheartedly believe that it is well worth it.  You see, life is not meant to be easy, it’s meant to be a continuous journey of learning and evolving and working hard until we can be happy with ourselves.  So no, it won’t always be sparkles and sunshine and unicorns – life really effing sucks sometimes.  It’s about learning how not to let the low times control you and to appreciate each moment for what it is.

When life is shit, it just gives you even more reason to look for and appreciate all the good there is somewhere out there, hiding in the world.

Stop and watch the sunset over the ocean on your commute home, treasure every sip of the coffee brewed to perfection at your local cafe, shamelessly ogle the ridiculously handsome man making eyes at you on the bus.  Keep your head up and your eyes open and enjoy all the world has to offer.

Stop and smell the flowers (I know, I know, roses) and never listen to the voices when they fill your head with complete darkness.  There’s always a bit of good to be found, if only you are willing to look hard enough.

hp quote

I leave you with my favourite quote.


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