Books or People: A Never-Ending Conflict

I genuinely prefer books to most people.

jane austen love books

When living breathing humans disappoint, I turned to my fictional friends.  Always have and always will.  My sisters will gleefully regale you of the time I sat on a hill in our backyard, in the pouring rain, reading a book.  No doubt I was angry over something supremely tween-angsty.  The point is, since youth I’ve preferred books over people and will often go to great lengths to get a good read in.  I’ll take a day in bed with a nice cup of Earl Grey (3 sugars, 2 splashes of milk) and my favourite copy of The Bell Jar over interacting with society any day.

book wisdom

My books mean the world to me.

Harry Potter changed my life.  It gave me hope and these absolutely brilliant characters to daydream about and more than that, it gave me a community of weirdo’s to belong to.  As a nanny, my greatest accomplishment (by far) was instilling a love for J.K. Rowling in the children I looked after.  Watching G’s face light up as he read the final words of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (“All Was Well”) MAY have brought the tiniest of tears to my eye.

The Bell Jar and Girl Interrupted reassured me that I wasn’t broken beyond repair; there was a bright future waiting for me if I just accepted my diagnosis and continued down the path of recovery.

Alice in Wonderland continues to provide me a reprieve from the mundane reality of adulthood.

Anything by Nick Hornby will be read from start to finish within a few consecutive hours.  Sophie Kinsella makes me giggle with her silly and shockingly realistic portrayals of modern day romance.  Louise Renisson (and the ridiculous Georgia Nicholson) taught me how to conquer The Bakery of Love and instilled in me a great desire to become English.  Gillian Flynn has me checking for monsters under my bed before shutting off the lights.

And as for Jane Austen, well Jane Austen is my dearest and most beloved friend.

So you see, I’m not quite sure where I’d be without my darling books.  I hoard them, treasure them, underline my favourite passages and give them as gifts to those I love.

There is no greater gift than a well-thought out book.

(except for maybe some biscuits to go along with it)

So I’m curious internet – what is a book that has had a profound impact on your life?




5 thoughts on “Books or People: A Never-Ending Conflict

  1. I really enjoyed reading the Noughts & Crosses series by Malorie Blackman. I first read it when I was 12 or 13 and at that age, the themes of the book really stuck with me. I’ve since gone on to re-read it and I have a really a strong association between it and my childhood.


  2. This is a really good question … I think one of the books which had the most impact for me has got to be The God of Small Things. If you haven’t read it I would really recommend it, its not an easy read but it will definitely change how you think about the world and writing.
    Also The Kite Runner and the Handmaids tale are well worth reading too!


    • I haven’t read it but will add it to my list! I’m taking off on a big hike in a few weeks and am super happy for good recommendations if you have any more!
      The Handmaids Tale was brilliant as was The Kite Runner!


  3. Your passion for reading is adorable! 🙂 It really shows! I wish I would get back into reading more because I know there are so many benefits to it. And not talking about just reading stuff online 😛 A physical book is what I am after, but a book that would really leave me mesmerized that I wouldn’t want to put it down! The book The Lovely Bones really is a phenomenal book 🙂 Not sure when it came out, but I saw the movie of it and I was in love, so I knew I had to read the book of it! I need to break the habit of watching movies first and then reading the book of it 😛


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