Anxiety Attack in Real-Time.


Over and over, fingers tapping into the pad of my thumb.


I can hear my own heartbeat, louder and louder as my breath catches and suddenly it's swimming, the world around me is swimming right in front of my own two eyes and where did that lump in my throat come from?

1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8,8-9 no that's not right start again from the beginning


Keep counting and tapping and breathe in 1-2-3 and out 5-6-7-8 and I know I skipped a number but I'm a dancer at heart and it's my anxiety attack and I'll count as I damn well please and good I'm distracted and thinking but my chest is tight, so tight and I need to be held but there's no one so I'll wrap my own arms around myself and my lip is trembling so take a deep breath in 1-2-3, out 5-6-7-8 and everything's ok so why is this happening, why am I having an anxiety attack when my world is so brilliant right now?


Take a deep breath and hold yourself tighter, just keep breathing and squeezing and think happy thoughts and put on a happier song, god bless Evan Hansen but this music isn't helping.


You've got it. Listen to your heartbeat and keep breathing. Everything's ok. Everyone's ok. You're ok.


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