Days 7+8: An Endless Amount of Steps, OR, I forgot my Step Tracker Again.

Yesterday was nothing exciting sadly. I spent the day in Killarney, hunting for new hiking boots. I was successful and even has some time left over to enjoy my first pint of Guinness in an actual Irish pub! The day was full of anxiety and there was a lump in my throats from the moment I awoke. But upon reaching Millstreet and meeting my host for the night, Eileen, the voices quieted down.

Last night I stayed with Eileen and her family on their farm! They live on the most majestic piece of land and I even got to pet a wee little calf which was, I mean, absolutely soothing.

This morning Eileen walked with me part of the way from Millstreet to Newmarket (after feeding me the largest stack of pancakes I’ve EVER laid eyes on) and we said our farewells on a lovely country lane. Seeing as today was another 19km along a road. Sigh. But! No worries as I’ve a lovely spot to pitch my tent and I’ll have hiking company all weekend! Looking forward to walking with Caroline and especially looking forward to conditioning my hair after 2 weeks without.

So my darlings, today was a lovely walk along a seemingly never ending road. But I made it and am excited to curl up in my tent the second the sun sets!

One last tidbit of exciting news: We’ve raised €742 for Mental Health Ireland! I’m so in awe of each and everyone of you and so grateful. What do you say, can we reach €1000 by the weekend??

(challenge accepted)

Your thoughts?

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