Days 9+10 – 32km And Someone To Talk To (!!!).

I apologise for being so absent – as it goes with trails, I found myself in an area with only the slightest bit of cell reception (and that’s if I hold my arm at a 90 degree angle on the right side of my bed whilst jumping up and down on one foot and patting my stomach).

The last 2 days I’ve had company on the trail! Caroline Allen (and author of The Ireland Way guidebook) and Adolfo (an ultra-marathoner) have been with me every step of the last 2 days and it’s been marvellous. The wall itself was nothing spectacular (entirely on road) and having someone to chat the day away with was a definite god-send. Highlights? The Liscaroll Donkey Sanctuary (where I was tempted to abandon my hike and adopt one), FaceTime with Lady V outside a castle (Lady V and her crew never fail to put a huge grin on my face) and my introduction to curry cheese fries (Caroline – thank you).

Today Caroline and I go over the Ballyhoura mountains and I am definitely the slightest bit over-excited to be off trail again.

My creative juices are a bit drained and a lot of my inner strength is going towards holding the inner voices at bay, so that’s all I’ve really got for you for now! My feet are sore and my thoughts are growing chaotic and I’m looking forward to a rest day at the Bluebell Cottage in country Tipperary.

We’re also incredibly close to reaching €1000 raised for Mental Health Ireland – can we hit €1000 by the time I reach my next county??

Your thoughts?

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