Day 18: 34 Magical KM and All The Barbed Wire.

If you are considering walking The Ormond Way, I have a few words of advice for you:

1) Wear thigh-high-rain-boots. Waterproof pants will not cut it.

2) Wear protective clothing as Seamus the rat bastard has you climbing up and over many a barbed wire fence.

3) Dear lord take it slow as there are so many hidden holes in the ground I was mildly shocked I didn’t completely lose my shit by the end of the day.

4) Beware the overly-friendly horses.

Yesterday was LONG! But well worth it, and by the time I crawled into Upperchurch I was well happy to set up my tent on any little patch of land and sleep the night through. As my Irish luck would have it, that wasn’t necessary. I claimed a seat at Pa’s Pub (likely scaring off the rest of the customers with my dirt-coveted everything) and started talking with the bartender (also the owner). It turns out he and his wife run a B&B and they graciously put me up in a room for the night. I sincerely will never get used to the kindness of strangers. After a hot shower and a good nights sleep, I’m off to Toomevara today! 23km, and no maps to guide me there as I’ve yet to find a map of The Ormond Way.

So on that note, if anyone in the area would like to walk with me, I would be absolutely THRILLED for some company today or tomorrow! Perhaps you know of a nice empty field in Toomevara one could pitch her tiny tent?

And Seamus, please don’t lead me astray today!

Your thoughts?

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