Day 19: 26km instead of 22 Because The Ormond Way is Full of Shit.

Today was meant to be an easy 22km. I took my time in the morning, catching my breath when required, letting my body adjust to the cold, trusting Seamus to lead me to Toomevara.

I’ve never been so betrayed in my life.

After zigging and zagging across in inordinate amount of fields, Seamus the Rat Bastard led me directly into a blackberry bush (which I then spent 7 minutes disentangling from).

The Ormond Way takes you across a beautiful part of the country and I sincerely want to tell you only positive things about it. But the truth is, the trail is poorly routed and the majority of the signposts are either hidden in ridiculously un-strategic locations or are pointing in the wrong direction. I added 4km to today’s walk simply because there are no maps available for this trail and the markings are WRONG which led me to wander around the Irish countryside for a good 2 hours hopelessly hunting for my next Seamus.

Seamus you asshole, I will never forgive you for today’s thistles and cow shite.

For tonight I’ve walked into Toomevara and after spending all day in a fit of anger and grumps, have treated myself to 3 pints and a warm meal. The owners of a local pub have generously allowed me to camp in their beer garden for the night!

Tomorrow I walk on to Ballingary and quite honestly, am mainly looking forward to finishing The Ormond Way.

Today was full of rage which only means that tomorrow will be full of sunshine and rainbows…unless Seamus leads me further astray.

Your thoughts?

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