Day 20: 12km But Also 300km All In One Day.


To other hikers that may not seem so incredible. To the average person it probably seems like quite a distance. To me, it’s astonishing. 300km is 1/3 of the total distance I have to walk and I sincerely am mildly shocked that I’ve already reached this distance. I mean, I knew approximately how long it would take and I knew I’d logged quite a few kilometres, but it just hadn’t clicked in my mind that today was the day I’d hit the 1/3 mark.

300 glorious kilometres.

And it feels pretty great. Physically, I can see a healthy change in my body. The soles of my feet have toughened up to the point that I no longer wince with each step and my upper arm flab has morphed into lovely, toned muscle. Let’s not forget about my thighs that have become these gloriously muscled works of art.

Ok, so maybe I’m taking it a bit far, but there are few things in life more rewarding than seeing the direct results of your hard work.

Mentally, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but I feel an overall improvement. There have been the bad days, and the manageable days, and also the brilliant days. The brilliant days make up for the bad days and I find that even at my lowest moments I still have that bit of hope in me, reminding me that tomorrow will be better, which is quite frankly new.

300km and I am absolutely celebrating with a pint and maybe even a meal that isn’t beans and tuna.

And here’s the thing, so far we have raised just over €850 for Mental Health Ireland!! We are SO close to having raised 1/3 of my target and it would be absolutely INCREDIBLE to reach that €1000 mark today! I will even post a video of my celebration dance if this happens!

So what do you say people of the interwebs – can we do it?

As always, forever grateful for the support, motivation, and love. Without the aforementioned, I would never have been able to get even this far. Be kind to one another, and be kind to yourself!

Your thoughts?

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