Why Self-Care Isn’t Bullshit.

I've done a lot of things in the name of self-care; Worn positively minuscule dresses paired with sky-high heels to go out dancing. Consumed absurd amounts of tequila/vodka/rum/wine/all the alcoholic beverages. Read an alarming amount of trashy articles on 'How To Orgasm' in Cosmo magazine. Watched Bridget Jones a frankly questionable number of times. But … Continue reading Why Self-Care Isn’t Bullshit.

When You Know Tomorrow is Going to Suck.

It's 2am and I am exhausted.  Weary down to the bone, eyes bleary, limbs heavy, brain functioning at half-capacity. Tomorrow is going to suck. It's been building up all month - a month full of long hours for which I'm not receiving any financial compensation nor any gratitude.  A month full of solving ridiculous problems … Continue reading When You Know Tomorrow is Going to Suck.