Hello World, it’s me, Maysen.

So, this is me.

Mildly terrifying as that may be.

25 years old (young?), on the cusp of my very own quarter-life-crisis, with a passion for pushing myself as far out of my comfort zone as my dodgy mind will allow (and subsequently writing all about my anxious adventures).

As a mental health advocate living with depression and anxiety, my hope is to encourage others to speak up and stop hiding their struggles by shamelessly sharing each and every battle in the never-ending war that is Maysen VS Her Dodgy Mind.

So this is me.

Real, raw, and unfiltered.

(good lord, could I be more of a walking cliche?!)



One thought on “Hello World, it’s me, Maysen.

  1. Our meeting was all too brief Maysen … I would have loved for you to stay and rest a little longer. But you are on Your journey and you are so motivated to keep going I could only say good bye and wish you a safe onwarrd journey. Just know that you left some part of your spirit and personality here…and I thank you for that. I only hope that you bring with you the warmth and affection we feel for you. Warm wishes Mike , @ BluePool Glengarriff

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